Gezwitscher Technik Werk

Programming Tweets of 2011


  • The new Twitter takes the “eventually consistent” principle of NoSQL very seriously: the data displayed is consistent on Judgement Day.


  • “We cannot predict whether such a query will timeout every time. This will be learned heuristically between keyboard and chair.”
  • Switched another web forum over from Latin-1 to UTF-8. The world is now a better place.


  • “We identified a tweak to the algorithm to prevent generation of swastika-like identicons.” http://bit.ly/jJsMgY


  • Funny how ”foreign” in Prolog and “native” in Java mean very similar things.
  • Nutzen von grafischen Tracern, Folge 121: Ein System kennenlernen, um einen grafischen Tracer dafür zu schreiben.


  • Duh, git users, Subversion has a “staging area” too. It’s called working directory. You’re welcome.
  • Wort des Tages: Commitsau
  • Heute: Race conditions.


  • Eine Hochleistungs-Rechenanlage in Stanford hat angeblich einen String gefunden, der kein gültiges Perl-Programm ist.


  • Vom Push-Paradigma zum Pull-Paradigma gewechselt, Tag gerettet.
  • Yay worst practices.
  • There’s no StackOverflowError that some randomly added System.out.println can’t fix. #Heisenbug #WTF #Java


  • “It’s not botchy, it’s *modular*!”
  • xmllint is delusional, it thinks it’s cat.
  • “This will be done manually and annually.”
  • Of all the possible ways to represent a pair in #Prolog, (A, B) is probably the most braindead one. Especially if functor(B, (,), 2).
  • You know your bug tracking workflow is broken when Google Alerts is part of it.
  • The best things in life start with cat $file |
  • 11 AM: type ‚pos_tags = ‚. 11:01 AM – 5:59 PM: read Ajax/jQuery introductions. 6:00 PM: hit backspace 11 times.
  • Nicht testen. Denken!
  • Immer wieder ernüchternd, wie weit „gut funktionierende Klasse“ von „gut funktionierende und erweiterbare Klasse“ entfernt ist. #OOP
  • Class names ending in “Helper”: not helping as far as understanding is concerned.
  • “Have you ever felt like you needed to be rewritten?”


  • Heute: Deadlocks.
  • Si creavisses minimum exemplum, non quaesivisses.
  • Removed one if (…) { throw …; } – and so there was a new feature.
  • Curse you, 80/20 rule in UI design.
  • }]); #BeautifulLinesOfCode
  • Word of the day: errput (the data a program sends to STDERR)
  • Nu nog even lekker formatteren.
  • And this is where I fire up Eclipse to experimentally learn yet another fact about Java.
  • Wenn schon böser CSS-Hack, dann ruhig pixelgenau.


  • seize.sh: mv $1 $1.bk; cp $1.bk $1; rm $1.bk
  • Welche Programmiersprache hat eigentlich diese Seuche „Ausrufezeichen als Negationsoperator“ eingeführt? Warum nicht gleich das Leerzeichen?
  • The one and only major version number: 0. The one and only development environment: production.

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