Wikdic is a webservice that provides a very crude but occasionally useful approximation to a multilingual dictionary: you give it a source language, a target language and a word (or multi-word term) in the source language. Wikdic looks the term up in the source language Wikipedia, checks if the page has a language link to the target language, and if so, redirects you to the page of the term in the target language. It also has a non-interactive mode where the target language term is returned as plain text.

Example usage

Look up what honey is in Arabic: http://texttheater.net/wikdic?source=en&target=ar&term=Honey

Quick usage

For day-to-day interactive usage, it is recommended to use Wikdic through the Serchilo command w{source language}2{target language} {term}. E.g. if you have the Serchilo search extension installed in your browser, you can make the above example query simply by typing wen2ar honey. This is very useful for going straight to the Wikipedia page on something in a specific language, without knowing the word in the language.


Required parameters

Language code of the source language Wikipedia, such as en, ar or zh-classical. For a list of Wikipedias and their language codes, see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wikipedias.
As above, for the target language.
The term to translate, in the source language.

Optional parameters

Legal values: redirect (default) and text. If format=redirect, the webservice will respond with a HTTP redirect to the target language Wikipedia page. If format=text, it will instead just output the target language term as plain text.
Only effective if format=redirect. Legal values: yes (default) and no. If format=redirect and sourceredirect=yes, errors are handled by redirecting to the source language Wikipedia page, even if that page or even the Wikipedia for the specified source language code do not exist. Otherwise, errors are handled by returning the HTTP status code 404 and an excessively terse, but still human-readable error message in plain text.

© Kilian Evang 2011