Why I Love Wikipedia (#587)

“Disgustipated” is track 69 on most pressings in North America (causing most CD players upon reaching the end of track 9 to advance through tracks 10-68, which contain no data, at a rate of about 2 per second until track 69 is reached). It also appears as track 39, track 10 (mostly in Europe) or as a hidden track following “Flood” on track 9. On certain Japanese imports, “Disgustipated” is track 70, with a short live version of “Flood” as track 71.

Undertow (album)

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  1. backslashvarphi

    Thank you for your contribution to Wikipedia. I reverted your edits, please see WP:Notability, WP:NOT (especially 2.9) and WP:NOR. Don’t let it discourage you from editing again in the future though.

    Jup, if forced to decide on the matter in terms of black or white, I guess I would rather lean towards relevance nazism. At the same time, I admit, I really enjoy reading those irrelevant bits whenever I find them. (Then why take them out? Because I also snort when I overhear a particularly stupid comment in a conversation, but I don’t think those mental blanks have to be preserved in a quasi-canonical matter.)

    Mein Favorit uebrigens:
    („Nippes“ Paragraph)

  2. ke Beitragsautor

    I wasn’t being ironic. While the quoted paragraph is hilarious, there’s nothing stupid about it. For someone out there, some time, some place, this might will be relevant information.

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