Ezri Dax

I’m a huge fan of Ezri Dax because she is the only character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine who consistently stands up to Klingon crap. Observe:

EZRI: Stop it.
WORF: A Klingon would rather die than be held captive!
EZRI: What are you going to do? Kill yourself and leave me here alone?
WORF: This is no time for your jokes!
EZRI: It’s no time for Klingon chest-thumping either.
(’Til Death Us Do Part)

WORF: Now, tell me what you think.
EZRI: Okay. But I’m not sure you’re going to like it.
WORF: Tell me.
EZRI: I think that the situation with Gowron is a symptom of a bigger problem. The Klingon Empire is dying. And I think it deserves to die.
WORF: You are right. I do not like it.
EZRI: Don’t get me wrong, I’m very touched that you still consider me to be a member of the House of Martok, but I tend to look at the Empire with a little more scepticism than Curzon or Jadzia did. I see a society that is in deep denial about itself. We’re talking about a warrior culture that prides itself on maintaining centuries old traditions of honour and integrity, but in reality it’s willing to accept corruption at the highest levels.
WORF: You are overstating your case.
EZRI: Am I? Who was the last leader of the High Council that you respected? Has there even been one? And how many times have you had to cover up the crimes of Klingon leaders because you were told it was for the good of the Empire? I know this sounds harsh, but the truth is, you have been willing to accept a government that you know is corrupt. Gowron’s just the latest example. Worf, you are the most honourable and decent man I’ve ever met, and if you’re willing to tolerate men like Gowron, then what hope is there for the Empire?
(Tacking into the Wind)

Also, she hates gagh.

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  1. aleks

    DS9, how swell. It’s easy to prefer Ezri even over Jadzia, because the later seasons of DS9 were *so* *much* *better* than the earlier ones. Still, I think I prefer Jadzia. Less whining, more action.

  2. aleks

    Difficult to say, and it’s been a long while since I’ve watched DS9.

    I’m gonna go with a couple of things:
    – The acting improved. By a lot. All StarTrek shows (and actually almost any TV show) get better over time as the team gets used to each other, and more comfortable playing outrageous stuff. The first couple of seasons of DS9 have quite a few „outlier“ episodes, that are either really really good, or totally unwatchable. The consistency and overall quality improved a lot as the seasons progressed.
    – They got more money and the production quality got better. That includes picture quality, sound quality, and CGI effects, but it also includes getting the writers to do their job better.
    – The story arcs just got better. Actually, they came into existence. First couple of seasons don’t really have any overarching story. As soon as the Dominion wars begin…

    OK, I’m nerding about StarTrek. I should stop now.

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